Truvision Review – Does It Really Work?

For those on the quest to find the perfect diet supplement, it can seem exhausting to try dozens of products and not get any results. Truvision weight loss has recently released a new product called Trufix, which promises quick blood sugar and cholesterol control with minimal side effects. This review will be focused on the product’s ingredients and the company’s research and customer service, and it condenses hundreds of consumer comments.

The Facts of Truvision

Truvision is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company that offers a variety of supplements such as TruEssentials, Tru Weight & Energy, TruHealth and TruNecessity. Adding to the line is TruFix, which claims to promote healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Truvision uses ingredients such as green tea extract, bitter orange, caffeine, chromium and B vitamins, among others. Depending on which supplement you use, you take two capsules every day to achieve the desired effect.

These products first came onto the supplement market in 2014, and they are sold through retailers, independent distributors and the company’s website. While they do use some natural ingredients, the jury’s still out on whether those ingredients are effective.

Side Effects

Though Truvision’s products claim to have no side effects, some users have reported mood swings. The best part of losing weight is the lighter, brighter feeling one gets when their hard work pays off, but TruFix and other products from Truvision may change how the user interacts with others and views themselves. Some of Truvision’s users report feeling agitated and angry for no reason, and others report profound negative effects on their mood.

Heed FDA Warnings – Back in April 2015, the FDA contacted several companies whose products included DMBA, or 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate. DMBA hasn’t been established as a safe supplement ingredient, and if it is included in a dietary supplement before FDA approval, the agency could request that the product be removed from the market.

The Products Just Don’t Work

Based on numerous comments and reviews from previous customers, the ingredients in Truvision’s products just don’t work. Many report using the supplements for months with no discernible results, and others report that they feel worse or gain weight when using the products as indicated on the label.

Selling an ineffective supplement can reduce a company’s long-term success, if the company doesn’t take steps to ensure that their products work as claimed.

A Lack of Proof

According to Truvision’s website, its supplements are created to increase weight loss and general well-being. However, there are no studies or any clinical research to back up those claims. The FDA says that there is not enough information on the ingredients in TruFix to reassure customers that there won’t be an undue risk of injury or illness.

Reliability is important in the supplement market, and some products are just ineffective. It’s important to find scientific proof that can support a company’s claims, and if one component in the product is ineffective, the rest of its parts are affected as well. By choosing a product or approach that’s backed by science, customers have a much greater chance at success.

What Do We Recommend Instead?

Despite its claims, Truvision reviews don’t live up to the hype. TruFix has some positives, like its use of natural ingredients, but it’s hard to get past the lack of clinical research and lack of effectiveness. Potential negative side effects are a big concern, as is the company’s current headquartering situation. After all, it’s hard to trust a company who shares a building with a gymnastics studio!

If you want to lose weight safely and effectively, you should choose a product that has no side effects and is backed by solid user reviews.

While some people will always be willing to try every diet supplement that comes on the market, most of these products fail to live up to their promises and claims. To enjoy good health and lasting weight loss, customers should disregard the hype and not run out to try a product just because it’s new.

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