LivLean Formula 1 Reviews – Is Perfect Origins Shady?

Supplements are a part of many health regimens. However, before you put your trust in a product, you need to learn more about the supplement and the company behind it. Perfect Origins is one of the latest supplement companies. They make several products, including LivLean, which is sold as a liver detox and weight-loss supplement.

This company promises to help consumers solve health problems. Additionally, they claim the supplements are based on science and backed by a “scientific advisory board.” Allegedly, the board includes health care providers who double-check the research.

What is the product?

LivLean is one of Perfect Origin’s top products. It promises to:

1. give the immune system a boost

2. improve liver function and detoxification

3. improve the metabolism

4. support normal blood sugar levels

5. promote weight loss management

The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.

What is the science?

Experts question whether it is really necessary to detox the liver. Scientists say the liver detoxifies things that people ingest. Plus, the liver rejuvenates itself in healthy people. The National Institute of Health is studying whether supplements really help people with liver conditions. Likewise, a study is ongoing as to the safety of detox ingredients. Milk thistle is one of the main LivLean ingredients. Doctors warn that milk thistle negatively interacts with many prescription medicines. There are also doubts about whether this supplement helps people lose weight.

LivLean includes sixteen all-natural ingredients including selenium, picrohiza kurroa and tumeric. The company claims these ingredients detoxify the liver. Afterwards, the refreshed liver keeps harmful toxins from getting to fat cells. Therefore, it is easier to shed fat cells and weight. There is no scientific proof for any of these claims. In fact, The American Cancer Society reports that there is no reliable evidence that liver supplements help with weight loss.

How is the feedback? (Check below for our top recommendation)

Unfortunately, there are many negative LivLean Formula 1 reviews and complaints. One user reports developing a red, itchy full-body rash after using the product. The consumer used the product for approximately fifteen days. Consequently, she had to take steroids and use medicated creams to get rid of the rash. She warns others that there must be something wrong with the ingredients.

Several LivLean reviews feature users that label the product “a scam.” Another reviewer says the product is “straight BS.” Thumbs-DownThe reviewer is a trainer who has three clients on the formula. The clients include one man and two women. They all came down with strange symptoms after taking the supplement for two to three weeks. Symptoms included frequent urination, terrible stomach pain and diarrhea.

To compound matters, the company refused to return their money. This is interesting because the company promises a money-back guarantee. To sum this up, none of the clients lost weight. Afterwards, the trainer had another male client on LivLean, who took it for months and lost no weight. Further, the client had a serious drop in his energy levels.

Another reviewer doubts that any user loses weight. She claims her sister-in-law used LivLean for six months and got very sick. She dropped a few pounds at first. However, the weight came right back. The doctor recommended having the pills analyzed. Lab tests on the user show elevated liver and kidney numbers, as well. Additionally, her cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure numbers are all up. There are other reports of users who developed urinary tract infections.

One user blasts the company’s financial practices. They placed an online order for a month’s supply. The consumer changed their mind but the company already had his $179. Representatives told him all he could do was refuse the order. Further, it would take thirty days to get his money back. It was also suggested the client pay more money to ship the delivery back. Several reviews say the company has poor customer relations. Even more concerning are a user’s claim that she got a disease on her leg. She tried to use the sixty-day money back guarantee. Her calls were not returned until the sixty days expired.

What do we recommend?

It should be obvious that we do not recommend this product. It seems that the company Perfect Origins may be a bit deceptive in their business practices, and their products do not give the impression of effectiveness.

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