It Works Body Wraps Review – Miracle or Monstrosity?

The wrap phenomenon – are we looking at a miracle or a crisis?

There are hundreds of weight loss devices that promise to make fat disappear overnight. However, the reality is that weight loss only results from proven strategies. Overweight people who spend a lifetime losing and regaining can feel desperate for a permanent solution, and they are vulnerable to unscrupulous companies who are willing to prey on their distress. If a device promises quick and easy weight loss, be very skeptical. It Works body wraps are one example of a quick fix that promises a lot more than it can deliver.

History Of Body Wraps

The idea of wrapping some part of the body to cause weight loss is not a new one. The practice of body wrapping for various purposes has been around for centuries, and there is evidence of body wraps dating back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In the U.S., people have been attempting home body wraps ever since the invention of Saran wrap.

A body wrap was first introduced as a commercial weight loss product in the U.S. in the early 1960s. Modern body wraps are common spa treatments nowadays. They typically involve the application of some ointment, like mud, seaweed, clay, or an herbal mixture; a 20-40 minute wrap; and then a moisturizing treatment. It Works wraps are herbal-infused cloth wraps that are meant to be used at home.

Claims Of Weight Loss and Toning

Wrapping the skin in plastic or a non-breathable cloth causes the body to sweat and traps the sweat on the surface of the skin. Since the purpose of sweating is to cool the body, trapping the sweat just increases the body temperature. Sweating removes water from the body, so stimulating the body to sweat excessively will remove enough water from the body to show up as weight loss on the bathroom scale. However, consumers need to understand that water is not the same as fat. Losing water from the body will not make you thinner or healthier. In fact, treatments like It Works can actually be harmful (see below).

It Works also claims to tighten and tone the body, but unfortunately, this is another meaningless claim. When you lose fluid, you become dehydrated, and dehydration can change the appearance of the skin. With less water under the surface of skin, the contour of the muscles may be more visible. In addition, pressure from the wrap can temporarily shift the fat cells slightly so that less fat is apparent in the area where the wrap is applied. But be aware that this is a very temporary effect. In no time, fluid and fat will come back, and you will look just as you did before.

Dangers Of Using It Works

The biggest danger of using It Works is dehydration. Losing too much fluid through sweating can cause dizziness, confusion, and even coma and death. How quickly a person becomes dehydrated is dependent on a lot of individual factors, meaning that you really can’t know how long you can use a wrap safely.

In addition, It Works is infused with an herbal mixture that includes both botanical and non-botanical chemical compounds. Some of It Works wraps ingredients are considered potentially dangerous. According to another body wraps review online, the ingredient decyl oleate is comedogenic, meaning that it clogs the pores, which prevents the elimination of toxins and potentially causes acne. Dermatologists recommend using only non-comedogenic substances on the skin. And not to mention, if one of the ingredients were to cause an allergic reaction, you would not be able to get the wrap off quickly enough to avoid a full-blown breakout.

What We Recommend Instead

If you’re looking for a weight loss treatment that will really work, look for products or programs that will help you follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. There are some good options out there that are safe and useful. But stay away from quick fixes like It Works wraps. The results are visible for such a brief period of time that you will need treatment after treatment. Therefore, you will lose money without really getting anything for it in the long run. You many even suffer consequences from dehydration or reactions to ingredients in the product.

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