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This product has some healthy ingredients, but the counter-productivity and side effects make it a pass for us. Click here to check out the superior product that many customers are finding success with.

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For years, people all over the world have sought a miracle weight loss method, be it pills, shakes, meal replacements, or surgery. Diet shakes for use as meal replacements have been around for decades and there are as many companies selling them as there are flavors to choose from. One company called Isagenix sells these and other types of weight loss products. The following is a description of the weight loss shakes sold by Isegenix products.

Weight loss shakes are often called protein shakes and are promoted as replacements for meals. They are a dietary supplement that comes in a powdered form. They are mixed with either water or milk and consumed as a replacement for a meal, usually breakfast or lunch. Some companies promote them as nutritional shakes as well, or as a means to reduce impurities in one's body. They are typically lower in calories, usually less than 300 per serving, and higher in protein.

Isagenix is a multilevel marketing company that produces products marketed as weight loss, detoxification, nutritional cleansing, energy and performance boosters, and aids to healthy aging. These products are claimed to either burn fat, support lean muscle, maintain cholesterol levels, build resistance to illnesses, reduce food cravings, and improve overall body composition.

However, according to many Isagenix reviews there seem to be more negatives than positives reported. Some of these are outlined below:

Clinical Proof – As of date, clinical proof has not been provided that the product(s) actually do what they are claimed to do. A clinical study conducted by Kroeger et al has been published in a journal called Nutrition and Metabolism. The journal, which is an online journal, is considered by many experts to be less than competent and therefore, has a low impact

One glaringly obvious omission in the study is that they did not control for food consumption. All meals for both control and the shake group were left up to the discretion of the participants. Information was gathered via phone interviews where test participants were asked to recount what they had consumed in the 24 hours prior. There is a complete absence of documented information to back the weight loss claims touted by the company.

Marketing – Three letters or words: MLM or multi-level marketing. Often confused with pyramid schemes due to the structure of the business, MLM involves a sales force that is compensated for both the sales they generate and for the sales generated by salespeople that they recruit. Companies like Mary Kay and Avon are also examples of MLM companies.

As a result, it is very difficult to find honest, unbiased reviews of their products. With MLM companies, there are literally thousands of people that have a vested interest in seeing them do well so they will pump up claims of their benefits.

Cost – The cost for Isagenix products is typically more than all their competitors. The average cost for a package of 14 servings is more than $50.00. There are many affordable alternatives available on the market with fewer fillers and superior ingredients.

Ingredients – The second ingredient listed after protein is fructose. Fructose used to be thought of as an energy source the body could use. Science has since determined that fructose cannot be processed quickly enough to act as a fuel to provide energy. Instead, it metabolizes into a fat and enters the bloodstream as a triglyceride, making weight gain a real possibility. So, “does Isagenix work” is the question one may ask, and it might if one pays close attention to the total calories consumed per day.

Nutritional Value – When rating nutrition strictly from a weight loss aspect, the shakes do well. With 24 grams of protein one will need to combine exercise to make the best use of the protein. The amount of protein increases the caloric count as well and extra protein is stored as fat. The formula has been updated but still packs a whopping 11 grams of sugar. The higher sugar amount equates to a better tasting product, but is extremely counterproductive when you're trying to lose weight.

Poor Reviews – The majority of the reviews available for Isgenix shakes are overwhelmingly negative. Many people complained of poor or bad flavor, that the product didn't work as claimed, and that it caused bouts of bloating. Concerns of high prices and poor customer service have also been reported.

The Isagenix company has been around for almost 15 years and on the surface, it would appear that their products contain ingredients that are all-natural. However, without actual clinical data to support their claims, there are plenty of other, healthier choices for weight loss available to you. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out our article on Truvision.

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