Advocare 24 Day Challenge Reviews – Does It Keep You Fat?

You have likely heard a lot about Advocare, but is it actually healthy for you? Does it help you lose weight, or does it actually keep you fat?

Advocare is a company that focuses on the financial and the physical wellness of their customers and distributors. They are known for producing weight-management, nutritional and sports performance products, and they also have a multi-level marketing opportunity for people to make money by selling their products.

Their products include a wide range of options, from tablets that control your appetite to meal replacement shakes to calcium pills.

The big debate regarding Advocare is if their products are really as healthy as they claim to be. When it comes down to it, these products are unfortunately far from nutritious and are not healthy to eat on a regular basis.

The 24 Day Challenge Broken Down

If you have heard of the company, you have also probably heard of the 24 Day Challenge. This is a program the company created to kickstart the Advocare journey for new users, and it consists of 24 days with two phases known as the cleanse phase and the max phase. The cleanse phase is day one through ten of the challenge, and the max phase is day eleven to twenty-four of the challenge. While this sounds simple enough, there are many things wrong with this challenge and the products that are used during both of these phases.

The Cleanse Phase

During the cleanse phase, you’ll have to take three Advocare products. The first is the Herbal Cleanse System, which is supposed to cleanse your body of waste and perform an internal cleansing to get your body ready for a healthy lifestyle. The second is the OmegaPlex, which is for overall wellness and is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, and the third is Advocare Spark, which is said to provide energy and also help with mental focus.

The Max Phase

The max phase sets its focus on keeping your body fueled. The three products you’ll take during this phase are said to control your appetite, give you energy and benefit your overall wellness. The first is Metabolic Nutrition System which controls your appetite and gives you energy. The second is a meal replacement shake that is supposed to replace one of your meals each day in the challenge, and the third product is Advocare Spark once again.

Do The Ingredients Keep You Fat?

A common concern people have regarding the Advocare products is just how healthy they really are. When the ingredients included in these products are closely examined, you can see how harmful they can be when consumed, even for just a short amount of time. Some of the most alarming ingredients include soy protein isolate, soy fiber and soy nuts. Soy is generally not healthy to consume, especially highly refined forms of soy like the three ingredients mentioned above.

These products also contain a great deal of sucralose, fructose, artificial sweeteners, milk protein isolate and a lot of niacin. These are just a few of the most alarming ingredients listed on their products. These ingredients, particularly the highly refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, create excess fat in your body and are counterproductive to your weight loss efforts. If you take these products, you will most likely not lose the weight you want to lose. The ingredients are not nutritious or natural, making the products anything but healthy.

Common Complaints and Reviews

When many customer reviews were examined, a common health problem came forth as a result of taking the challenge. Many users reported that they broke out in severe rashes and had to go see a doctor because the rashes would not go away. The reviewers claimed the rashes were so painful they felt like severe sunburns and they were spread all over their bodies. Most doctors claimed the rashes developed due to the high level of niacin found in the products. The side effects are far too risky to use them as often as they recommend.

Do We Recommend Advocare?

After our research, the final verdict for the Advocare products and the challenge is not positive. While the idea behind the products is good, since they promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to make a positive change, the products themselves are not healthy and are not recommended.

There are countless other weight loss and nutrition programs available on the market today that either promote healthy products that are made from natural ingredients, or that promote a lifestyle change when it comes to food and exercise.

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